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American Bushman
"If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead, either write things worth reading or do things worth writing." —Benjamin Franklin
"The most comprehensive interactive gear reviews and tests on the planet."

Backpack Gear Test: ULA EQUIPMENT AMP BACKPACK review

Backpacking Light
Backpacking Light Magazine and Forums

* Blessings in a Backpack (L)
"Because Hunger... Doesn't take a break on the weekend"

"This program is designed to help meet the nutritional needs of children and families over weekends. The Blessings in a Backpack is a program being initiated through the efforts of concerned citizens. Every Thursday afternoon, volunteers will fill selected student's backpacks with non-perishable food items and pass them out to students on fridays at the end of the school day. ... It is our hopes that this program can be expanded to other schools across the country in the near future. If you wish to become involved in this excellent program, please review our How to get Involved and Contact pages."

BPL Forum: Make Your Own Gear
BPL Forum: Heineken Pot Cone

Candle Power Forums

Every Day Carry Forums
EDCF - It's About the Gear

Gear Talk - (by/of Jason Klass)
"A running commentary blog on Backpacking gear and DIY Gear projects."
Homemade Backpacking Gear
YouTube Channel of Jason Klass

Google (online) Pedometer
Map your Route, Route yourself, Count Calories, etc.

Green Earth Outdoors (L)
Enjoy the natural world, responsibly
Nice & well done hikers forum site

Leave No Trace
Center for Outdoor Ethics

Mini Bull Design - Alcohol Stoves
"If you want to call them Alcohol stoves, or if the name Soda can stove is what you like, I have the best you can buy! My Customers know the best place to buy lightweight alcohol stoves!" ~ Tinny

The BEST made light & efficent alcohol stoves on the planet.

Tinny's Adventures & interactive blog
Tinny's YouTube Channel

Northeast -
Survival Links

Practical Backpacking
Forums & Podcasts

Ryan Jordan's Backcountry
Founder of Backpacking Light Magazine

Sierra Club
Explore, Enjoy and Protect the Planet -
"Gear up and Get out" Forums Gear Guide News & Reviews

Suvivor Stud -
You just have to see it ...

Walking With Freedom -
"Michael Daniel (aka "LionKing") is an addictive long distance hiker with over 10,000 miles hiked since 1998. He has section thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail, from Georgia to Maine with over 8,000 combined miles in over 8 years, he has thru-hiked the John Muir Trail in 2002 as well as The Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada in 2006.

As well as hiking/walking, he is also a published writer and short filmmaker, actor, director, and editor. Michael has two documentaries: the Film Festival winning, "Walking With Freedom" and his brand new film on The Pacific Crest Trail, "Walking West With Freedom."

This hike on The American Discovery Trail will be his longest continuous walk in his history of trails. Totaling over 6,000 miles from coast to coast, including the center US loop, it will be the first time ever a person has walked non-stop the entire length of the American Discovery trail in one trip using only their feet.

This trip will also be one of community service, as Michael hopes to raise money for the American Heart Association over the course of nearly a year of walking. You can donate directly through the site, or by contacting your local AMA."

LionKing's ADT Journal entries & photos

Gear Stores

Gossamer Gear -
"Ultralight Backpacking & Hiking Gear ... Innovative, Ultralight, Affordable."

Mil-Spec Monkey

Mini Bull Design - Alcohol Stoves
The BEST made light & efficent alcohol stoves on the planet.

Mini Bull Design Store

ProLite Gear -
Lightweight Backpacking Gear -
"Gear up and Get out" Blog Marketplace

Ultralight Adventure Equipment
For the trail ahead

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